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Television Appearances


Barbara made her National Television Debut on
ABC's "Extreme Makeover Weight-loss Edition" on July 8th, 2012.
As her therapist, Barbara helped a contestant on the show achieve
an incredible weight loss over the course of one year.

(Please check back in a couple of weeks to watch Barbara's segment on this page).

Barbara with Chris Powell, host of ABC's hit series "Extreme Makeover Weightloss Edition".

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Key Note Address Topics

"Binge Eating Disorder - An Insatiable Hunger"

"The Lonely Marriage and How to Climb the Wall"

"A.C.E.S. - Adult-Child Entitlement Syndrome"

"Eating Disorders - Women's Hunger for Meaning"

"The Value of Strict Parenting - You Won't Let Your Children Down"

"Dignity and the Recovering Woman"

"Dignity and the Recovering Man"

"The Greatest Advice in the World"

"Spirituality and its Role in Addiction Recovery"

"Living Within the Addicted Family"

"I Love You, Technology, But You're Ruining My Life!"

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Radio Interviews

Life Changing Insights (08-06-13)  
Living Within the Addicted Family KKLA - Los Angeles
Global Forum on Domestic Violence

(Barbara's segment begins at the 27:00 minute mark)
Journey of Hope with Rodney Mathers (12-19-2011 at noon Pacific Time)

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Articles by Barbara Jaurequi, MS, LMFT, MAC

"Interfering In-laws: Can't Live with ‘Em, Can't Kill ‘Em"

"Marry Your Disciplinary Styles for Fair and Balanced Co-Parenting"

"The Power of the WOW Kiss and the I Missed You Embrace"

"Triangulation - What It Is and How It May Be Destroying Your Marriage"

"The Art of Reflective Listening"

"Four Treacherous 'C's For Married Couples"

"Employee Rivalry - Five Tips on How to Manage Dueling Staffers"

"Employees with ‘Attitude': How to Reverse the Entitlement Attitude of Your Problem-Staffers"

"Is Your Coworker Just a Jerk or Does He Need a Doctor"


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