Endoresements & Testimonials

Professional Endorsements

“Barbara Jaurequi is an exceptionally knowledgeable expert in the field of psychology and she has become one of my most trusted clinical consultants when doing research for my books. She is uniquely skilled in imparting her knowledge in layman terms, making it easier for me to relay complex clinical information to my readers.

I have also been impressed by Barbara Jaurequi’s recognition of the spiritual principles which have laid the foundation for much of psychological theory. I value my professional association with her very much.”

“For three years, I had the honor of working with Barbara Jaurequi at a major Southern California psychiatric hospital. I witnessed, up close, her clients’ impressive progress. She is knowledgeable, experienced, dynamic, and motivating; her clinical skills place her in the top tier of mental health professionals. Additionally, she is passionate about her work and genuinely cares about her clients’ wellbeing. This is reflected in the volume of personal referrals she receives from former clients in her private practice which continues to gain renown throughout the psychological community. I highly recommend Barbara Jaurequi to anyone struggling with an eating disorder or substance abuse problem. Additionally, the success of her workshops and seminars testify to her excellent educational and motivational speaking skills. I am proud to have her as one of my most valued colleagues.”

“Barbara Jaurequi is a respected and trusted a colleague of mine. The feedback I get from clients I’ve referred to her has been consistently excellent and I always feel confident when recommending her services. Her expertise in the area of treating eating disorders and addiction is highly evident in the lasting results she is able to achieve with her clients. I place high regard on my professional relationship with her.”

“Barbara Jaurequi and I have neighboring private practices in Rancho Cucamonga and have referred clients and patients to one another for years. When medically treating my patients for eating disorders or other addictive disorders, I feel very confident about referring my patients to her for psychotherapy. The feedback I get from patients as to her expertise in treating addiction has always been excellent. Barbara Jaurequi is truly an expert in treating the addicted and their families.”

Client Testimonials

“I came to Barbara looking for help regarding various personal issues and she was able to really help me figure things out. Her therapeutic style fit well with my personality which made it very easy to talk to her about everything I was going through. Her insight and recommendations were always right on. I highly recommend Barbara to anyone who is in need of answers and someone to talk to.”

“When I got my second DUI, I realized I was going to lose everything if I didn’t quit getting drunk. A friend recommended Barbara and I scheduled an appointment. She helped me get over my prejudice about A.A. and encouraged me to put my sobriety above everything. The best thing of all was she didn’t make me feel like I was crazy! She made me laugh at myself and got me to recognize I’m not alone in my battle with alcohol. I’ve been sober 16 months. I still see her once a month for “tune-ups.” It’s worth it.

“I came to see Barbara for anxiety. She helped me understand what was driving it and taught me how to slow down and trust myself. I am very grateful to have found her.”

“My depression was killing me. I was taking an anti-depressant and using anti-anxiety medication on a daily basis when I scheduled my first appointment with Barbara Jaurequi. My co-worker had seen her for a different issue and recommended her highly. My problem was that I couldn’t stop eating. I didn’t have the confidence that I would ever get my eating under control. Barbara is so incredibly understanding and supportive. She helped me get over the guilt and shame I felt over my weight so I could finally start taking care of myself. I’m not exactly skinny now but I’m a lot thinner than I was when I first saw her and I’m maintaining a healthy weight now. I don’t use my anti-anxiety medication anymore. I don’t need it. I feel so much better mentally and physically. Thank you, Barbara. You are a life-saver!

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