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A.C.E.S. – Adult-Child Entitlement Syndrome

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A.C.E.S. – Adult-Child Entitlement Syndrome was added to the Collections at the Library of Congress in Washington DC in 2018!

In her new book, A.C.E.S. – Adult-Child Entitlement Syndrome, Barbara Jaurequi provides a thorough and enlightening description of A.C.E.S., a widespread family dilemma in the United States today. Ms. Jaurequi developed her theory of A.C.E.S. through her successful work with hundreds of married couples and their Living-At-Home adult-children. Her book delivers an easy-to-understand, explicit step-by-step guide on how to compassionately compel adult-children to move out of their childhood homes and into the world of personal responsibility once and for all!

Through the application of a thoughtfully crafted program that will empower their adult-children to discover and achieve personal independence, couples will ultimately learn how to re-focus their attention away from their adult-children and onto other neglected areas of married life, thereby enabling them to enjoy their marital relationships as never before. This is a provocative, compelling, and particularly timely work that is sure to intrigue readers as they recognize the presence of the syndrome in their own families.

A.C.E.S. – Adult-Child Entitlement Syndrome is surely one of the most important contributions to Family Systems Theory to come along in decades.

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