Marriage Counseling

Love Is NOT Enough…

People marry for many reasons but the most common of these is Love. The trouble is that love alone is practically NEVER enough to make a marriage satisfying in the long-term. Without certain marital fundamentals such as compatibility with regard to finances, child-rearing, spirituality, sexuality, extended-family issues, and recreational preferences, couples are highly likely to experience acute stress and marital dissatisfaction. But there is good news in that compatibility can truly be cultivated and angry couples can see their relationships flourish into happy marriages.

Ms. Jaurequi’s approach to marriage counseling is largely based on the facilitation of mutual respect between the partners. Respect, in turn, facilitates healthy communication and increases couples’ capacity for intimacy. Her pre-marital counseling method (essential in avoiding rapid disillusionment after marriage) is comprehensive, often bringing the couple closer together, thereby increasing their mutual joy in making the marital commitment.

“Couples owe it to themselves to improve and/or save their marriages if they can! Whenever I speak to a couple or partner who is on the fence about beginning marriage counseling, I strongly urge them to consider all that is at stake if they decide to ignore the problems in their marriage!

Generally, without intervention, problems tend to get worse. Problems within a marriage are no different; they need to be addressed directly so they can be remedied. The goal is to get married partners back on track so they can enjoy their relationships, as they once did.”

Contact Barbara Jaurequi’s office if you are interested in beginning counseling to:

Learn healthy communication skills

Begin conflict resolution

Address premarital issues

Create a meaningful friendship with your spouse

Overcome parenting problems

Achieve financial compatibility

Achieve spiritual and/or physical intimacy

Overcome marriage problems stemming from addictions

Learn to set boundaries with interfering in-laws or others

Avoid separation or divorce

Client Testimonials

Barbara Jaurequi is an amazing counselor. My husband had an affair and I was ready to leave him after 31 years of marriage. She helped us heal. I was able to accept the role I played in us growing apart and forgive my husband. We are closer than ever. We will never be able to thank her enough.”

Our pastor suggested we see a counselor before we scheduled our wedding at our church. I am so glad he did because Barbara helped my fiance and me to face the fact that we were not ready for marriage. We are really incompatible with money and a lot of other important things. I still see Barbara one-on-one to help me get over my ex-fiance. But I’m glad she didn’t just tell us what we wanted to hear. I’d rather be sad for a while than end up divorced.

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