Self Assessments

No one likes to be told by someone else that they have a mental problem or an addiction! It’s always better when we are able to diagnose ourselves without the fear of being judged or classified unfairly. When we face our problems head-on, without any prompting from anyone else to “fix” ourselves, we are more likely to stick with a recovery program. That’s simply because of human nature.

We are naturally prone to resist changes that are driven by the desires of others. Motivation must come from within.

By completing one or more of the self-assessments on this page, you should be able to determine whether or not you meet the criteria for a diagnosis of depression, anxiety, a substance or behavioral addiction, a sleep disorder, or a marital problem that necessitates clinical intervention.

If, after taking one (or more) of the self-assessments, you feel that your symptoms do match up with the items on one (or more) of the assessments, please feel free to phone my office so we can discuss next steps in getting you the help you need.

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